SURE! Nordic Built for Sustainable Retrofitting


May 2014


February 2017

Project partners:

Interactive Institute Swedish ICT (PO), VIA University College (PM), Insero Business Services A/SInsero Energy A/SIC-MeterBaseN oyEcofective AB, and Acreo Swedish ICT AB




Today, buildings account for 40% of the total primary energy consumption and 36% of greenhouse gas emissions in the EU. New construction in Europe only represents about 1% of the building stock and as a result, most buildings present today will still be standing in 2050.


Current retrofitting processes mostly focus on structural changes of the buildings, and they are both costly, inefficient and rarely take into account the potential of involving residents to achieve more sustainable, energy-efficient habits. Consequently, the status quo represents a Gordian knot, preventing pivotal retrofitting.




SURE! is an inter-Nordic project focused on optimising energy usage and strengthening sustainable lifestyles for residents in areas that need retrofitting – effectively and at a low cost. This is done through a technology for diagnosing and optimising heating and indoor comfort in existing buildings, supplemented by user interfaces designed to achieve sustainable, energy-efficient habits.


The output will be a low-cost, effective and innovative retrofitting concept that combines patented technology, open ICT platforms and interaction design validated through real life demonstrations.