Nordic open intelligent façade system with high export potential


January 2014


January 2017

Project partners:

Danish Technological Institute (PO, PM), Langenkamp.dkContecGaiaSolarBN TeknikClimaWinTechniqVia College HorsensMT HøjgaardRoyal TræMesterhus A/SBSI A/SPassivhus centrum, Complete Green Housing and Danish Technological Institute



The challenge

It is a recognised challenge that refurbishment industry is suffering from a lack of knowledge sharing, causing waste of time and value in the building industry because too many companies are trying to solve the same problems and do not share experience related to building processes and the use of products. Analysis of the refurbishment industry show how these projects have only 20% work of value but 80% waste of time.


It is also a recognised challenge that existing and new energy renovation products are not sufficiently documented causing problems for the distributer and the user who have to deal with faults and defects related to for instance bad indoor climate and moisture in the construction.



The solution

The project will develop a generic technical platform for a Nordic modularised façade system with hybrid ventilation, that will be open for SMEs in Nordic countries and through joint venture collaboration with local companies on the international market. Proof of concept with a tested façade system and business plan will be the output.