Nordic Guide to Sustainable Materials


April 2014


April 2017

Project partners:

Norway Green Building Council (PO, PM), Sweden Green Building CouncilIcelandic Green Building Council/Vistbyggðarráð and Green Building Council Finland



The challenge

The sustainability of building materials is of great importance for the total ecological footprint of a building. More and more building projects demand for sustainable materials, but the manufacturers experience that the demanded criteria and demanded types of documentation differ from country to country and from project to project.


It is expensive for the manufacturers, who often deliver products across the borders, to buy a lot of different documentation (e.g. lab tests, environmental labels) to meet these changing demands. There is a challenge to harmonise the functional criteria and accepted documentation across the Nordic countries.



The solution

The project aims at making a guide, relevant for both refurbishments and new buildings, that will define sustainable functional criteria for building materials common within the Nordic countries, and offer product data reflecting Nordic practice (legislation, market drivers, procurements and production methods). 
The project will also result in closer cooperation within this field among Nordic organisations.