Low temperature heating and high temperature cooling in refurbishment and new construction of buildings


January 2014


December 2016

Project partners:

KTH Royal Institute of Technology (PO, PM), RikshemTechnical University of Denmark (Department of Civil Engineering), Rettig Heating AB, NCC Construction Sweden ABUponor Corporation and Lindab Ventilation A/S



The challenge

The objectives of the project are to implement low temperature heating (LTH) and high temperature cooling (HTC) technologies in the renovation practice of existing Nordic buildings and new constructions. The project aims at improving energy efficiency, sustainability and quality of indoor environment of the Nordic building stock, simultaneously, providing combined technical solutions and innovative concepts toward inconvenience of conventional building renovation.



The solution

The project will bring innovative heating, ventilation and cooling technologies from optimised research models to practical use in building refurbishment. It will develop a multi-stage retrofitting process over a three-year period with start in autumn 2013. The aim of this project is to implement energy efficient and sustainable low-temperature heating (LTH) and high temperature cooling (HTC) systems in buildings.