Evaluation and Renovation of Ice Halls and Swimming halls (NERIS)


April 2014


March 2017

Project partners:

KTH - Royal Institute of Technology (PO), Insjöns Konsult AB (PM), Airwatergreen AB, Pro Rink International OYFoamglas Nordic ABStockholms stad idrottsförvaltning, Multimetrix - Göran Urdén, Kyl & ventilation Svante Lundbäck ABAnjo bygg ABScandinavian Energy Efficiency Co. SEEC ABTechmarket and NTNU



The challenge

Ice halls and swimming halls are facilities that are more like process industries than like ordinary buildings. They include a complicated system for cooling and heating and also complicated ventilation systems. The hall buildings have rather long spans, which implies that the structure is quite heavily loaded.


Both ice halls and swimming halls have a risk of condensation. It is a risk for damage in these kind of structures when they become damp for extended time periods. Finally this can result in collapse. It can also result in mold growth in the structures that may result in health problems for the users of the buildings.


This kind of facilities also have a substantial energy use, and it is to be taken for granted that there are possibilities for quite big savings.



The solution

This project aims at proposing methods for inspection and evaluation of the functionality of buildings with ice rinks and swimming halls, and demonstrate different methods for improving their performance through renovation.


This project will be a storefront for testing and demonstration of interesting technologies for improving these kind of facilities. The project will involve a number of companies that have the expertise about the energy systems and construction systems in this kind of buildings.

In seminars they will be given the opportunity to show examples on how the can provide technology for improvement of buildings.The project will produce documentation about good examples for different items in these buildings that are rich in installations. It is also involving facility owners who will have the direct benefit of applying.