Educating Building Experts in the Nordic Built Charter


April 2014


April 2017

Project partners:

Konstruktørforeningen (PO, PM), VIA University CollegeKEAUCNSBRNITO, Högskolan i Borås, Høgskolen i Gjøvik and Malmø Høgskola



The challenge

The climate changes as such are forcing us to consider consumption, emissions etc. and demands higher skills and expertise among building professionals. A key challenge to energy renovation of the existing building stock is the absence of a joint Nordic framework for the understanding of a sustainable renovation, adapted to the Nordic building culture and the Nordic architectural history and the values of cultural heritage and at the same time meets the intentions of the Nordic Built Charter.


Sharing of the knowledge and experience that is already existing is scarce - we know too little, and what we know, we don't share very well.


The understanding of and education in sustainable refurbishment is present in the education of building experts in all of the Nordic countries, but mostly sporadic and not systematically and coherent in particular when we see cross borders.

The deficit concerns both the general understanding of challenges and the wider concept of sustainability in environmental, social and economic terms as well as the concrete problems, solutions and methods.



The solution

The project wants to create a strong platform for cooperation and promoting innovation by establishing an exchange of knowledge between the educational systems in the Nordic countries. It will include the universities, the lecturers and the students, using the Nordic Built Charter as a professional standard for the educational system of building professionals in the Nordic countries.


The goal is that future professionals in the building sector should be educated in a way that they can contribute to making renovations in a social, economic and environmental sustainable way based on the Nordic Built Charter - immediately after their education. 


Based on the Nordic Built Charter, the project hopes to:


  • Make students capable of analysing, of finding the right solution, and implement it in a sustainable way
  • Develop a new standard for sustainable renovation
  • Raise the level of knowledge among teachers and students
  • Raise students' knowledge about challenges and standards in their own country as well as in the other Nordic countries (making the students ambassadors for the Nordic way of renovating buildings)