Nordic Built Component Reuse


February 2014


July 2015

Project partners:

Vandkunsten AS (PO, PM), Asplan Viak ASGenbyg ASNorsk Gjenvinning ASHjelness Consult ASKAB and Malmö Högskola



The challenge

The project addresses the 'dark side' of renovation - the material waste. The waste represents a triple capital of resources respectively related to economy, energy and culture. With the present renovation practice far too many of these are lost in transformation processes.


The demolishing practice in all Nordic countries today has a high level of efficiency in terms of separating construction debris and minimising landfill. However, as practiced, waste materials are most often broken down to the lowest level of its potential: for combustion or for recycling as secondary material. Only a very small part of demolition waste is reused in a similar function or for other purposes without extensive degradation. Hereby, embodied resources accumulated in manufacturing and maintenance processes are wasted together withpotential cultural values.



The solution

The project explores, by means of 1:1 mock-up modeling, new practices for reuse of dismantled building components and materials, for new ways to organise, tender and trade reused building components. The aim is to stimulate the Nordic market for recycled components and thus saving energy while concurrently creating profitable business and architectural identity.