Summer house at lake Þingvallavatn


Owner: Privately owned
Address: At Lake Þingvallavatn, Hlíðabær, Grafnings- og Bláskógabyggð, Iceland
Purpose: Vacation house
Year of construction:
145 m2
Architects: Batteriid Architects
Construction engineers: Tækniþjónusta STh
El engineers: Lumex
VVS Engineers: Tækniþjónusta STh
Developer: Arnor Gudbjartsson



Concrete slabs, with parquet flooring of birch, untreated outer walls are of timber cladding of larch, corrugated iron on the roof, gypsum clad inner walls and laminated plywood of birch in the ceilings.


The vacation house stands at the Lake Thingvallavatn – the largest natural lake in Iceland. The magic view over the lake and to the distant mountain horizon and the windswept surroundings had profound influence on the development of the design concept. The L – formed shape together with the windscreens around the roof and the corners of the building creates shelter from prevailing wind directions and allows for outdoor living at different hours of the day. The floor plan concept is based upon on one hand living area and on the other hand a sleeping area with main and back entrances in between. A 7 m2 one glass pane window in the living room is located towards the lake and the distant mountains. The building is fully insulated and heated with geothermal hot water, also utilized for the hot tub– sheltered from the wind by means of wind screens.



The main design task was to come up with a solution for a house which allowed for a convenient vacation life at all seasons with special emphasis on outdoor life with magic view, in sunny and wind sheltered conditions – all day around.



The solution is based on a climatic analysis of the local climatic conditions – on which the orientation, floor plan and detail design is based - in order to obtain maximum solar access and wind sheltering.

The Charter

The building is based on multiple principles but due to the main effort of adapting the building to the local site and climatic conditions, principle number 7 of the Charter would be chosen as the main principle.


Contact information

Batteriid Architects.