Home for Life


Architect: AART Arkitekter
Engineer: Espensen Ingeniører
Developer: KFS Boligbyg
Owner: Private
Location: Lystrup, Denmark
Year of construction: 2009
Photographer: Adam Mørk



Situated in a suburb area, with a nice view over the sea.



 To design a prototype of the future 2020 building, by optimizing the building design and use the technologies of today.



Home for Life is the result of an interdisciplinary project to synthesize the parameters of energy, comfort and visual appeal into a holistic entity, where the parameters are mutually complementary and maximize the quality of life in the home and the world around it.


The Charter

 Principle number 4: The building pushes the limits of sustainable performance and is CO2 neutral over its lifetime.

Home For Life pushes the limits of sustainable performance in the design process, where the designer had a new strong focus on health and indoor climate, and among others has secured high daylight qualities, with daylight/windows from at least two different orientations in each room, which at the time were not standard in low energy buildings. The design of the building also includes use of natural ventilation during the most of the year and only replaced with mechanical ventilation during the coldest period of the year. The solar energy is utilized mostly during winter, while external shading and natural ventilation secure a comfortable indoor climate during the summer, without use of energy for cooling. The choice of materials was as far as possible based on LCA evaluations including the energy and CO2 emissions for manufacturering. The building is CO2 neutral over its lifetime as the amount of energy produced at the building surplus the energy used in the building, whereby the surplus is used to pay back the energy/CO2 used for manufacturing.


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