Datea office building

Owner: Datea
Address: Gl. Lundtoftevej 7, 2800 Lyngby
Purpose: Office building
Year of construction: 1962, renovated 2006-2008
Size: 8,000 m2


Construction: Concrete with brickwork facade.


Property: Office building from the 1960's.

Challenge: The office building had become outdated with regards to energy consumption, quality of the indoor climate, flexibility and esthetic quality and it was difficult to find a new tenant.

Solution: The building was given external insulation and a facade cladding, new roofing, efficient external solar shading, a ventilation system and new lighting system. The layout of the building was changed from individual offices to an open plan layout to make it more flexible and to provide a better daylight.


The Charter: Charter principle numer 10: Profits people, business and the environment. The refurbishment of the building was profitable for the owner, improved the indoor climate for the employees and gave significant reductions in the energy consumption.