Solhuset – Lions Active House


Architect: Christensen & CO Arkitekter

Energy: Rambøll A/S

Construction: Hellerup Byg A/S

Owner: Hørsholm Municipality and Lions Børnehuse

Location: Hørsholm, Denmark

Year of construction: 2010

Photographer: Adam Mørk



Integrated childcare center, owned by Hørsholm Community and operated by Lions.



The vision was to set new standards for future sustainable childcare centres and schools as they have a particularly need for good and healthy indoor climate as it strengthens wellbeing and learning capacity as well as reduces the risk of diseases.



The design is based on the Active House principles. Daylight and a healthy indoor climate play a vital role in Solhuset.  From the very beginning, the vision was to create a building with a positive impact on its surrounding environment and daily users. Solhuset shows the path to buildings of the future, by contributing to reducing the use of fossil fuels, providing a healthy and comfortable indoor climate and contribute positively to the environment and its surroundings.


The Charter

The building merges urban living with the quality of nature, principal number 3 in the Charter.


Solhuset is a kindergarten which merges the quality of sustainable living with the daily activities for children in the kindergarten. The building itself is designed with focus on CO2 neutrality, which includes low energy consumption and 100% supply of energy from renewable energy. The education of the children in the kindergarten can take the starting point in the philosophy of CO2 reduction and move towards focus on healthy indoor climate, where the building is optimized to utilize daylight and solar energy through the windows, as well as keeping it out from the building when needed. The building design becomes a tool in the education, play and daily work in the kindergarten. The nature around the building is a green and triangular open plot, where the architect has used the triangle plot to design a triangle building where the green roof is reflecting the original plot.


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