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Why Nordic entrepreneurs need to talk more

Photo: Nordic Innovation House
  • Published 12/09/2016
  • Last updated 14/09/2016
Nordic entrepreneurs tend to be too protective about their ideas, according to Anne Lidgaard and Paula Salomaa at Nordic Innovation House in Silicon Valley.


”Silicon Valley is a mindset, not a location” it reads on one of the walls of the co-working space Nordic Innovation House in Silicon Valley. Here, #NordicMade startups can rent a desk and learn more about what it takes to succeed, not only in Silicon Valley but also back home.


In a recent article in Business Insider, Nordic Innovation House co-founder Anne Lidgaard and community manager Paula Salomaa shares their thoughts on some of the challenges Nordic startups face when they come to Silicon Valley.



Share your idea


Although Nordic entrepreneurs and startups generally have an excellent reputation in Silicon Valley, they could benefit from adapting to the culture of openness found here, according to Lidgaard and Salomaa.The thought is that you startup idea have a much better chance of success if you talk about it with people.


This is not only important in Silicon Valley, but also back home.


”We have to teach our startups back home to talk more about what they’re doing. They are afraid that the idea is so valuable so they want to protect it, but it’s really about the execution anyway. So they need to talk more on an earlier stage to get more feedback on how to execute. The sooner you can get out of the starting blocks, the better. We’re trying to inject members with a little bit of that culture when they come here, says Lidgaard and Salomaa.



A joint Nordic initiative


Nordic Innovation House is one of the Nordic 10 projects co-funded by Nordic Innovation through the Nordic Partnership for Entrepreneurship and Financing lighthouse project and is a soft landing spot for Nordic startups in Silicon Valley.


Nordic Innovation House is co-funded by Nordic Innovation and the Nordic country government agencies responsible for business growth within their respective countries, and functions as a co-working space, incubator and resource centre for #NordicMade startups.


The house, located in Ramon Street in Palo Alto, enables entrepreneurs to tap into their community of technology partners, investors and service providers in Silicon Valley, take part in development programmes and rent a physical or virtual co-working space.  


They now have around 130 members, including companies and VCs, and have been visited by government institutions and royals from all around the world. 


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