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The first Nordic Scalers are here

  • Published 10/11/2017
Seven fast growing companies have been selected to the first edition of the Nordic Scalers programme.

Yogaia, Dental Media, OZ Sports, ViaBill, Singa, Secomea and Disruptive Technologies have been selected to the Nordic Scalers programme starting this December. These Nordic companies focus on a wide array of emerging technologies and span from sports and healthtech to media and communications.


Over the next six months-period these scale-ups will have access to a cross-Nordic network of mentors, coaching and peer-to-peer learning. The companies were selected by key mentors and partners at Rainmaking Loft in Copenhagen. The mentors come from across the Nordics and include founders such as Søren Louis Pedersen (Libratone, Denmark), and investors such as Teodor Bjerrang (Snö Ventures, Norway), Örn Valdimarsson (Eyrir Invest, Iceland) and Ari Korhonen (Spintop Ventures, Finland).


The selected companies for Nordic Scalers are:


Yogaia (Finland)

Interactive online yoga studio that enables people to attend real, live yoga classes wherever they are. The product saves time and money for tens of millions of yoga practitioners.


Dental Media (Denmark)

Software for dental management systems that tracks patients and follow the total revenue on each of them. Allows dentists to fill in excess production capacity and optimize the clinic economy.


OZ Sports (Iceland)

AI-based production system broadcasting live experiences with local sports teams. OZ also helps rights holders of sports reaching fans across the world and untapped audiences.


ViaBill (Denmark)

ViaBill offers an alternative payment option, which lets the buyer/user buy the products without spending liquidity, then let's the user decide what to keep (if any), and upon decision, the final net payment is made without interest or fees.


Singa (Finland)

Singa is a streaming service for karaoke entertainment. Singa allows private and commercial users to browse a catalog of 20 000+ tracks and to sing on multiple platforms.


Secomea (Denmark)

Secure communication with IoT devices. A leading provider of secure remote access solutions endorsed by major PLC manufacturers worldwide.


Disruptive Technologies (Norway)

A sensor platform for IoT applications that can sense virtually anything. Disruptive Technologies’ current sensors can sense touch, proximity and temperature and soon water detection.


About the Nordic Scalers Programme

Nordic Innovation initiated the Nordic Scalers programme to help high-growth companies prepare and accelerate their next stages of growth. The programme is implemented by a cross-Nordic consortium including Rainmaking (Denmark), Epicenter (Sweden), Startup Norway (Norway), Maria 01 (Finland) and Icelandic Startups (Iceland), selected through a public procurement.


The programme will go over two years (2017 - 2019) involving four different groups of companies. The first batch for which the companies are now selected will specifically target the US markets. The remaining three batches will have a different focus area. Nordic Innovation has set the following goals for the programme:

a)     test and pilot new tools and services at the Nordic level to improve high-growth companies' access to growth-related skills, networks and capital to improve their growth opportunities and access to global customers and markets;

b)     contribute to Nordic branding globally;

c)     contribute to a community building around scale-up companies at the Nordic level;

d)     contribute to shared learning among key stakeholders, both public and private.


More information about Nordic Scalers:

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