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Health care procurement education set to start in 2014

  • Published 26/02/2014
Halfway through their project run, the people behind the INHP project have developed four different education modules for innovative health and welfare procurement. Two of them are due to start up this year.

Competence is key when it comes to innovation procurements in the health and welfare sector, and is the starting point for the Innovative Nordic Health Care Procurement (INHP) project. However, there is often a lack of understanding between those procuring solutions, and those supplying them.


– I can understand that they often have a fundamentally different worldview, with procurers often belonging to the public sector and suppliers belonging to the private sector. That is why it is so important to make people aware of the barriers of understanding between them, says project manager Thomas Godt from Copenhagen Living Lab.


Ready to start up this year

That is why the INHP project want to develop a training programme in innovative procurement within health, in close cooperation with academics at universities in the Nordic region, as well as contain networks between procurers and dialogue between procurers and suppliers. 


Halfway through the project run, the project has finished developing curriculum for four different educational modules.


– The project may not have proceeded exactly as planned, but I think we have some good results so far. The project partners have shown real responsibility to help achieve that, says Godt.


Two of the modules are Master’s degree programmes, where one is an e-learning based Nordic programme. They are meant as supplementary education for leaders and middle managers on both sides of the procurement table, though the target group may vary between the universities that will offer them.


The two other modules are for shorter executive courses, as well as more praxis oriented courses that can be tailored to a single person's needs. They will be offered by project partners Swedish Environment Council (SE) and NohrCon (DK). 


– The short executive course and the praxis oriented course are ready to start up this autumn, while the Master’s programmes will be ready to run in 2015, says Godt.



One of three projects

The INHP project was launched in February last year, and will run until December 2014. It is one of three projects being funded through Nordic Innovation’s 2011-2013 lighthouse project Innovation in the Health Sector through Public Procurement and Regulation.


You can read more about INHP and the other two funded projects, Nordic PPI and VABPRO, here


In fact, the three projects are working closely together. In a recent meeting in Stockholm, they made plans to develop national workshops open to procurers and suppliers, as well as politicians and other stakeholders.


Thomas Godt hopes that they can be an annual event in the Nordic countries, and live on independently after the projects are finished.


– We are strong on both innovation and welfare in the Nordics, and I think we have a good chance on putting us on the global map. We will do everything we can to reach that goal, says Godt.