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Solving tomorrow’s health and care challenges together

Norwegian Minister of Health and Care Services, Bent Høie, opening the conference. Photo: Nordic Innovation
  • Published 09/11/2017
Norwegian Minister Bent Høie encouraged increased Nordic cooperation as test facilities and companies met in Oslo to discuss opportunities for collaboration.

About 150 participants showed up at Oslo Science Park 8 November to participate in the Developing Tomorrow’s Solutions in Nordic Test Facilities conference.


The conference was hosted by Nordic Innovation and leading actors within the Nordic test facility ecosystem on both hospital and municipal level. Together, they wanted to put the role of Nordic hospitals and municipalities in transforming health and care together with innovative companies on the agenda.


“There are clear expectations of increasing Nordic cooperation to solve our future challenges”, said Norwegian Minister of Health and Care Services Bent Høie, as he opened the conference.


The minister’s message of Nordic cooperation set the stage for the crowd, who were made up by leaders from Nordic hospitals and municipal care organisations, as well as innovative health tech companies.



“There are clear expectations of increasing Nordic cooperation to solve our future challenges.”

Bent Høie, Norwegian Minister of Health and Care Services



Launching networks and guides


The conference was also an opportunity to show results from the three test facility projects Nordic Business and Living Lab Alliance, Nordic Network of Test Beds and Nordic Test Beds. The projects were financed by Nordic Innovation in collaboration with national funding agencies Vinnova, Innovation Norway, Tekes and Rannis.


Among the results were the launch of Nordic Proof, which is a new network of professional test facilities at the leading hospitals in the Nordic region. The network is a spin-off from the Nordic Network of Test Beds project, and aims at easing the access to users and health professionals and speed up the process for testing and verification of medtech and e-health solutions.



Panel debate from the conference

Panel debate on how and why collaborate with test facilities.


The Nordic Business and Living Lab Alliance partners used the occasion to talk about their experiences with municipal testing facilities, and presented their Guide to the Nordics (PDF). The guide provides companies and municipalities with tools and methods for co-creating and testing health and care solutions.


The Nordic Test Beds partners then talked about how they have worked with the industry, providing experiences from both hospital test facilities and companies.




Experiences from all sides of the market


Apart from the project results, the conference also offered keynotes from representatives from all sides of the health tech market, as well as panel debates.


"Our main purpose is finding technology that help our citizens, not to help companies."

Monica Andersen, Head of Department of Welfare Innovation, City of Copenhagen


We heard about Copenhagen’s experiences with living labs, Oslo University Hospital’s Intervention Centre and the results achieved by the National Institute for Health Research in the UK. Three Nordic companies then told about their experiences with various testing facilities. Several companies had also taken advantage of the possibility to showcase themselves through demo desks at the conference.



A Nordic overview of test facilities


Lastly, Nordic Innovation then launched their new publication called Nordic Infrastructure of Test Facilities, which gives an overview over actors involved with test facilities in the health and welfare sector in all the Nordic countries.


The publication is meant as a tool for both companies and test facilities curious about the opportunities for testing in the Nordic region and can be downloaded for free from the link above.


A company showing their product to Nordic Innovation CEO Svein Berg from a demo desk.

A company demonstrating their products from a demo desk.


See the photos from the conference on Flickr.