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Roger Moe Bjørgan is Nordic Innovation's new Managing Director

  • Published 24/02/2012
Norwegian Roger Moe Bjørgan was February 23 officially elected as Nordic Innovation's new Managing Director by the Nordic Committee of Senior Officials for Business and Energy Policy (Embetsmannskomiteen for næring).

42-year old Roger Moe Bjørgan is currently Research Director at SINTEF and Senior Business Developer at SINVENT.


He has a broad experience from the industry, administration and research. Among his previous positions are Managing Director at Pro Barents, project leader of a working group on the Nordic energy market managed by Nordic Council of Ministers, and Manager, Communications & High Tech, at Accenture.

 Roger Moe Bjørgan portrait

Bjørgan is an engineer from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. He has a Master of Science from the University of Washington in Seattle, USA.


There was more than 300 applications for the position as Managing Director at Nordic Innovation. Kari Winquist, Constituted Managing Director, is pleased with the process.


- It has been thoroughly, but effective. I'm very positive about the result, she says.