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Pioneering for a future Nordic digital society

  • Published 14/12/2015
  • Last updated 21/12/2015
36 digital visionaries from the public and private sector met in Copenhagen to build a vision for what the digital Nordic society would look like in 2025.

– Think outside of the box and dare imagine an exciting, inspiring future Nordic society where the digital everyday has opened up for unprecedented opportunities.


Those were the encouraging words from the managing director of Nordic Innovation, Carina Christensen, as she opened the Nordic Digital Forum 2015 9 December in Copenhagen.


The audience in the beautiful ballroom at the National Museum of Denmark were 36 specially invited high-level people from both the public and private sector in the Nordic countries. They were tasked with engaging in thought-provoking discussions on how Nordic digital collaboration could shape our future societies and increased welfare, innovation and competitiveness.



Creating a vision for the Nordic digital society.

The goal was laying the foundation for a common vision of the Nordic digital society in 2025. Still, much work has already been done in securing an easier digital life for people and companies in the Nordic countries.


Morten Friis Møller from the Nordic Council of Ministers spoke on their efforts on mapping Nordic eID solutions and on policy recommendations. Carsten Ingerslev from the Danish Business Authority, followed up by telling about his visions for smart government solutions, before Camilla Høpner from SpaceDetectors, one of the winners of the Nordic Open Data Challenge 2015, told about how they want to utilise open data to make better use of free space in cities.



Potential for digital collaboration

During discussions, there seemed to be a positive spirit among the participants. That is perhaps no coincidence.


A new report from Rambøll, which has mapped the Nordic digital ecosystem, suggests that there is both potential and will for Nordic digital collaboration in all five countries.


Key findings in the report indicate that all the Nordic countries share common goals and challenges on digital services and that actors think they will benefit from enhanced Nordic knowledge-sharing.


Almost 40 percent of respondents in their survey saw “great potential” for Nordic digital collaboration, while 56 percent said they saw the same potential within their own organisation. That is good news for citizens and companies wanting more mobility between the Nordic countries in the future.



Making the Nordics a digital pioneer

Creating a vision for the Nordic digital society in 2025 is one of the first steps towards making the Nordic region a digital pioneer, the ambitious aim of the Innovative Nordic Digital Solutions lighthouse project run by Nordic Innovation. The lighthouse project is a part of the Nordic ministers of business’ cooperation programme for innovation and business policy 2014-2017.