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#NordicMade gets formalised

Some of the leaders behind #NordicMade in Copenhagen to formalise the partnership. Photo: #NordicMade
  • Published 24/02/2017
17 startup organisations commit to boost the Nordic startup and tech community.


Leaders from 17 Nordic startup organisations met in Copenhagen late February to form a strategic partnership under the #NordicMade umbrella. The goal is to further develop Nordic cooperation in the field of entrepreneurship and tech, and strengthen the influence of the Nordic tech scene abroad.


“This is an umbrella organisation for startups that has grown over the years. We try to find out how we can work together to contribute to a positive development in the Nordic region”, explains Neil  Murray, founder of The Nordic Web and one of the leaders behind #NordicMade to Breakit.



Formalising an existing movement

#NordicMade has been an informal movement since 2015 and was initiated by Nordic Innovation together with the community. Now they are looking at taking more concrete actions towards improving the Nordic tech and startup scene. Signing a manifesto was the first step in formalising the organisation, where the partners committed to among other things:

  • Attract international talent to the region
  • Better access to funding for startups
  • Market expansion through stronger networks
  • Integration of best practices through knowledge-sharing
  • Community building across borders 

In the long term, #NordicMade will also look at removing regulatory barriers for the Nordic startup and tech community. Now they hope that others will join them.


"We are motivated to create a more inclusive Nordic ecosystem in the future. The next meeting will hopefully include even more organisations that have been supporting the local ecosystems for years", says Pia Ella Elmegård, board member TechBBQ.



Stronger together - also abroad

One of the most important reasons for creating #NordicMade in the first place was the thought that the Nordic startup and tech communities are stronger together. This thought has been proved right.


“It is very important that we work together in the Nordic region. It doesn’t matter how strong the individual ecosystems are. As a region, we are stronger together and have more influence. Working across borders is something many startups don’t have time for in their day-to-day work. Then we can do the groundwork so the companies can benefit”, says Murray to Breakit.


Nordic Innovation communication adviser Frederik Waitz also believe that #NordicMade will have an impact for Nordic companies and startups going abroad.


"By approaching for instance the US market in Silicon Valley as a Nordic unity, we are able to create a critical mass and more value in terms of talent, investment, contacts, impact and awareness than the countries are individually. We look forward to continue a strong collaboration on creating a world class startup ecosystem in the region", says Waitz.


#NordicMade is looking at the possibility to hire a Head of #NordicMade and appointing a board. Read more about #NordicMade in Breakit and Buinsess Insider Nordic