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Nordic Crowdfunding Alliance launched

  • Published 13/03/2014
The Nordic Crowdfuning Alliance is one of 10 projects funded through the Nordic High Growth Entrepreneurship Initiative. Friday 14 March they launched their project in a livestreamed press conference.

– I am humbled to work with such a talented consortium, said project leader Dr. Rotem Shneor, as he officially launched the Nordic Crowdfunding Alliance at a press conference at the University of Agder on Friday 14 March.


He stressed his belief in crowdfunding as one of the solutions to the problem with lack of venture capital and other funding for Nordic startups, and also hoped that the alliance could be extended in the future.


– The current Alliance is only part one in our plan, and I welcome a larger alliance in the future, Shneor said at the livestreamed press conference that can be watched here.


The Nordic Crowdfunding Alliance is one of 10 funded projects by Nordic Innovation through the  Nordic High Growth Entrepreneurship Initiative. If you want to read more about the Nordic Crowdfunding alliance, you can read our interview with some of the project participants.  


The top leaders of all founding member crowdfunding platforms also attended the launch, where they briefly told a little bit about themselves and their hopes for the Alliance.




The following people attended the launch:


  • Mr. Jon Erik Andersen, COO, Gründerløkka AS/FØND, Norway
  • Mr. Ingi Rafn Sigurdsson, CEO, Karolina Fund, Iceland
  • Mr. Lasse Markus Makela, CEO, Invesdor Oy, Finland
  • Mr. Marko Tanninen, CEO, Oy, Finland
  • Mr. Michael Eis, CEO, AMOX/, Denmark
  • Dr. Rotem Shneor, associate professor, School of Business and Law, University of Agder (project leader)


You can read the full invitation to the press conference here.