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Invitation to tender: A study on scale-up companies in the Nordics

  • Published 03/12/2018
Help us identify drivers of growth and barriers to scaling of companies in the Nordic region. Deadline for tenders is 15 January 2019.

The tender is now closed.


Nordic Innovation is looking for a supplier to identify drivers of growth and barriers to scaling of companies in the Nordic region. The study is to answer questions like why some companies are able to scale while others are not, why some companies continue to grow while others do not, and which internal and external factors may explain why there are relatively few Nordic Scale-up companies in the Nordics. 



The study is a part of the Nordic Innovation programme Nordic Scalers. The vision of the programme is that the Nordic region should be a leading region in the world for scaling up businesses, not only for starting up businesses. The overall objective is to increase the number of scale-up companies. To achieve this, it is vital to understand both drivers and barriers, and what the ideal set up for scaling up companies could be. 



Tender documents and more information can be found at the Norwegian database for public procurement Doffin.



Q/A about the tender can now be found on Doffin. Follow the link here.


Deadline for tenders is 15 January 2019 at 14.00 CET.

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