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Help the Nordic capitals solve a real challenge!

  • Published 01/12/2014
The Nordic countries are facing an increasing demand for innovative solutions and technologies for the elderly and disabled. For the very first time, the five Nordic capitals are addressing this issue together by launching a joint competition to come up with the best solutions.



The goal of the Nordic Independent Living Challenge is to increase the quality of life for the frail elderly and the disabled and at the same time make the job easier and more efficient for care professionals.


From 2007 to 2012, Copenhagen, Oslo and Helsinki increased their social expenditure with 27%, and this is expected to continue increasing in all the five capitals. Together the cities represent a substantial and rapidly growing market, and the idea is that this joint competition can help bring innovation in the health and welfare industry to the next level.


- We see great opportunities in creating a more integrated Nordic health care market with enhanced collaboration across borders and disciplines, says Mona Truelsen, senior innovation adviser at Nordic Innovation, which is launching the competition together with the five capitals.


The competition will be launched in January 2015. The main prize is 1 million NOK and there will be special awards for cross-Nordic collaboration and student projects. Competition participants will be offered mentoring as well as inspirational workshops and matchmaking events – and not least a unique opportunity to work directly with the Nordic capitals.



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Competition background

The Nordic Independent Living Challenge is a cornerstone of the Innovative Nordic Welfare Solutions project, aiming at making the Nordic region world leading within innovative health and welfare solutions with export potential. The project is one of five so-called lighthouse projects in the Nordic Cooperation Programme for Innovation and Business Policy 2014-2017.

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