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Enthusiastic matchmaking for collaboration within high growth entrepreneurship

There was a long line of participants who wanted to propose possible Nordic projects.
  • Published 27/08/2013
  • Last updated 29/08/2013
About 130 players from the Nordic entrepreneurship ecosystems took part in the Nordic High Growth Entrepreneurship Matchmaking Event in Copenhagen on 20 August. The aim of the event was to help the participants find potential partners from across the Nordic region – ultimately resulting in joint projects.


Two months prior to the event, Nordic Innovation launched a call for proposals to stimulate cross-border growth ecosystem partnerships that can strengthen the capabilities of Nordic growth entrepreneurs and improve their access to resources and markets outside their home country.


Thomas Madsen Mygdal, Danish angel investor and serial entrepreneur, and Søren Therkelsen, Danish entrepreneur and mentor, kickstarted the event with two inspiring speeches.


- Nordic entrepreneurs have had plenty of success, now we need to start telling the success stories. Instead of competing with each other, the Nordic countries should collaborate, helping entrepreneurs to find likeminded and building up a sustainable peer-to-peer community, Mygdal says.


- It is all about paying forward and helping each other. My experience tells me, that if we to this, we can even turn 1 + 1 into 3, Therkelsen adds.


The matchmaking event took form as an unconference, setting a quite different scene for the day than on a traditional conference. It was all about interacting! All participants had the opportunity to suggest a theme for discussion – and the lines for doing this grew quickly.



Fresh perspectives


One of the participants is Jaakko Helenius from the Finnish Science Park Association. The Nordic Science Parks are planning a common platform for startups, and Helenius says that he is surprised that the Nordic collaboration within this area is so limited, as the structure is very similar.


- This event is a fresh,  new approach for mapping possibilities within the innovation field on a Nordic level. I am especially fond of the unconference format which makes it possible to learn from peers - a group of people that can give us highly relevant information and ideas for our joint project.


Eva Ohlstenius from Connect Skåne in Sweden is another participant that hopes – and believes – that the event will result in a concrete project proposal.


- There is great potential for an extended collaboration between the different “Connects” in the Nordic countries.



Network building

Simon Stubben, one of the founders of BillyTracker, Denmark, says that he attended the event primarily to build up his network.


- It is definitely an exciting task to examine how the collaboration between entrepreneurs can be optimized, and the Nordic dimension brings a new perspective to it.


Tone Ringstad, from Norwegian Values(at)work is looking for Nordic partners to create a learning program for entrepreneurs.


- It is the first time I attend an unconference, and I am definitely very positively surprised. I have received plenty of valuable input that I had not thought of before.



"Extremely important topic"

Thomas Ebdrup from the Danish Business Authority says that the matchmaking event is a great experience, and praises both the innovative format and the heated discussions on how to develop a stronger Nordic ecosystem for high growth entrepreneurship.


- The topic is extremely important for the future welfare of the region, and hopefully this event will result in a number of strong, Nordic partnerships, Ebdrup finishes.




Nordic Innovation hopes that many of the project proposals from the matchmaking event will lead to actual funding applications. In order to make it easier for you to find possible collaboration partners in the other Nordic countries, we have made a short description of  the discussed topics and concrete project proposals and an overview of the project proposals including the project owner.


Please let us know if some information should be added to the lists. Or if you are missing any contact information or perhaps lacking a project partner. We will do our best to help you.


The deadline for expression of interests is on 10 September 2013.






Concrete project proposals (including the project owner):

Project overview


Description of the discussed topics (including topic owner):
Food and medical export

Creative industries entrepreneurship

The compass of entrepreneurship
Scaling in the US
Promoting the Nordics globally
Entrepreneurs as investors
Building programs for entrepreneurs
Nordic events
Entrepreneurship and education
Cross Nordic angel investment
Gender and innovation
Promoting the growth ecosystems
Talent and sourcing development
Alternative funding models
Urban data and smart cities
Clean tech
Accelerating science entrepreneurship
Cross Nordic open innovation
Telling the Nordic story
Public-private partnerships



Concrete project proposals (indluding project owner):

Ted for the Nordics

Dragon's Den Nordic

Mapping entrepreneurship ecosystems

Building entrepreneurship capabilities

Nordic SMEs to emerging markets

Start Nordic