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Crowded at the first Norwegian Crowdfunding Event

Rotem Shneor of the Nordic Crowdfunding Alliance gave an overview over the Nordic crowdfunding scene. Photo: Nordic Innovation
  • Published 09/02/2015
The Nordic Crowdfunding Alliance filled Mesh in Oslo to the brink with crowdfunding campaigners, backers, investors, community members, fans and critics under the first Norwegian Crowdfunding Event.


– We're on the verge of a genuine revolution that some of us call human economics, said Rotem Shneor in front of a full crowd at the first Norwegian Crowdfunding Event in Oslo Friday 6 February.


Shneor is project leader for the Nordic Crowdfunding Alliance, the organisers of the event together with the foundation.



A growing financing model


Crowdfunding is the collection of a certain amount from several contributors who each gives a small sum in return for products, equity or other types of rewards, and has quickly gained popularity in the Nordics as in the rest of the world as a smart way for entrepreneurs and startups to get early seed capital.


– There is a need for alternative sources for early seed funding. I believe that this is where crowdfunding can come in and fill an existing market gap, said Shneor in his keynote speech.



A yearly event


Several Nordic and international speakers then gave their perspectives on various aspects of crowdfunding, from legal issues to hands-on experience with running both campaigns and crowdfunding platforms. 


The growing interest in crowdfunding was also visible in the turnout for the free event, as registration was early fully booked. However, the people behind the event are aiming for it to be a yearly happening, so those who missed out this year's event may try again next year.



You can read more about the event and find the agenda here.


See videos of all presentations here.




Part of a Nordic Innovation initiative

The event was hosted by the foundation and Nordic Crowdfunding Alliance, which is one of the 10 funded projects under the Nordic High Growth Entreprenurship Initiative. The alliance consists of five Nordic crowdfunding platforms,,, Karolina Fund and, and is coordinated by the University of Agder.


Senior innovation adviser Hans Christian Bjørne from Nordic Innovation had the honour of opening the event.


– We are proud to finance the Nordic Crowdfunding Alliance, which connects national platforms in the Nordics and gives Nordic entrepreneurs a larger base from day one. We look forward to follow the project further, and want to say good luck to all you entrepreneurs out there who are working day and night to bring the world forward, said Bjørne in his opening speech.


Hans Christian Bjørne from Nordic Innovation opened the event. Photo: Nordic Innovation