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The next step in our creative future

  • Published 14/09/2017
  • Last updated 19/09/2017
Last week Nordic Innovation held Cool & Creative Nordic conference in Malmö as a side-event to the Conference 2017. The aim of the conference was to investigate opportunities and obstacles that digitalisation poses for scalable consumer contents within CCIs

Cultural and creative industries (CCIs) have for many years been a strong asset in the Nordic region, as they are very fast moving and trend orientated, as well as being close to tackling societal challenges and consumer demands.


Among the amazing speakers at the Cool & Creative Nordic conference, we learned about the digital era and future consumer trends. We started the day with Claudia Olsson, a newly appointed Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum, giving an eye-opening presentation about the current state and future of digitalisation.



Digital disruption has only just begun. With the exponential growth of digitization, AI, IoT, VR and AR, everything gets connected and massive opportunities await those who are able to adapt and transform. What is required for businesses and individuals is to become agile, acquire new skills and translate technology into business in order to tackle the challenges of tomorrow. It's not enough to have a “digital strategy” anymore. We need strategies for a digital world, and Cool and Creative Nordic is playing an important role in bringing the ecosystem together to enable further innovation! ” 

Claudia Olsson


Richard Cope, a globally recognised leading trends analyst from the UK, focused on future consumer trends and what kind of solutions are needed to meet today’s consumer needs. To see his insight and analysis, you can see his presentation here.


CCIs connects and renews other industries. After lunch, Bart Ahsmann, Director at Dutch CLICKNL, presented how a strong creative industry as a cross-sectional sector offers Netherlands the opportunity to reach innovative breakthroughs and to work as a source of renewed growth. See Bart’s presentation here.


When looking at companies working within the world of tech we heard from Åsa Otterlund, CEO at the Stockholm based incubator Amplify, how they work with early-stage music start-ups, and from Freedrum’s CEO Philip Robertson giving an insider view of how digitalisation has created room for their innovative product. Give yourself 30 seconds to watch Philip demonstrate what Freemdrum’s product can do, right here.


To take the findings of the conference further, Nordic Innovation will put together a summary report of the topics discussed for the Nordic Council of Ministers. The main goal of the summary report is to influence current IPR practices and regulations in order to create a truly functioning Nordic market for the CCIs.

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