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  • 15/03/2012 Nordic Innovation Summit

    The Nordic Countries in a green leader jersey: Nordic Innovation Summit focus on sustainable innovation.
  • 01/03/2012 The role of certification linked to standardisation?

    A Nordic Innovation and EFTA workshop: Harmonisation or fragmentation in the single market for services - the role of certification linked to standardisation?
  • 09/02/2012 Nordic Green Building Councils Conference 2012

    Welcome to this conference on environmental quality of buildings!
  • 01/02/2012 Nordic Built Arena

    The participants in Nordic Built Arena will identify the DNA of the Nordic building sector: common strengths, competences and values.
  • 25/01/2012 Nordic Marine Innovation Conference

    Competition and cooperation – innovation as a driver for competitiveness in the Nordic marine sector.
  • 19/01/2012 Developing better entrepreneurship policy and diagnosing growth challenges

    How can we improve our analytical tools to diagnose growth challenges faced by the Nordic countries – and develop better policy? A kick-off workshop for a joint international collaboration aiming to provide Nordic policymakers with a state-of-art fact base for entrepreneurship policy development.
  • 28/11/2011 The Top-level Research Initiative Annual Conference

    What results has the Nordic Top-level Research Initiative (TRI) achieved? This and more will be discussed at the second annual conference of the Top-level Research Initiative, to be held at Holmenkollen Park Hotel Rica in Oslo on 28-29 November. The conference will be opened by Norway's Minister of Research and Higher Education, Tora Aasland.
  • 24/11/2011 The Nordic-European Public Investor Summit

    For the first time ever, a Nordic-European Public Investor Summit will take place in Stockholm on the 24th of November.
  • 22/11/2011 Workshop: Key Innovation Indicators

    We would like to continue the Nordic dialogue on how to design and measure effective innovation programs by inviting you to a workshop on 22 November, 10.00-15.00, in Oslo (Hotel Bristol).
  • 27/10/2011 Nordic entrepreneurs gather in Helsinki

    On October 27-28, almost 200 people gather in the Finlandia Hall in the Finnish capital to seek for answers and best practices in facing common challenges of growth entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship education in the Nordic countries.
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