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YOUSAT - Youth Spaces and the Alpine Tundra Regions

  • Published 02/09/2013
The YOUSAT project addresses the problem of attracting a younger audience to the Scandinavian alpine tundra region and similar Nordic regions for nature-based ecotourism experiences. The main objective is to create tourism services directed towards the younger generation as well as services based upon user-created content.

The Nordic wilderness is unique and sensitive resource, where the important tourism industry needs to exist within limits of nature’s toleration. Actors in this region have problems attracting the younger generation, and knowledge of some of the major tourist organisations is low within the younger demographic. The YOUSAT project proposes that to address this issue and to help the industry develop new destinations, tourismrelated players should become more active within the new social media spaces, usergenerated content, in combination with new mobile location-based services.

Starting with theories around map-based mobile services with multiple information layers where users can create and share travel stories in groups, this two-year project has engaged users and tourist organisations in order to come up with service design