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Wastewater treatment in filter beds (Filtralite)

  • Published 03/03/2005
  • Last updated 07/06/2011

Frontpage report

In areas with cabins and scattered houses there is a need for simple and robust solutions for wastewater purification. If wastewater is treated in filter beds on site there is no need for long pipelines. The filter beds give a high quality, stable outlet water with low concentrations of organic matter and phosphorus, requiring little maintenance. Authorities, municipalities and contractors need more documentation on these solutions.

Full scale treatment plants of the type filter bed with pre filter are built for treatment of municipal wastewater from single homes and cottages. The treatment plants have given high treatment efficiencies on organic matter, phosphorus and nitrogen. Tests are done on reuse of saturated filter material, the tests show that phosphorus in saturated material could be utilized as fertilizer for plants.

Nordic benefit
All the Nordic countries, so far with exception from Iceland, have or will in the very near future introduce requirements on treatment of the sewage water from rural areas and cottage areas. The market is large and major investments will be done the next 10 years.

This project has given documentation on on-site treatment plants for single houses with treatment of wastewater in filter beds with pre filter. The plants are built with guidance from a Norwegian consulting company and with equipment from each country. It is now time for consultants, suppliers and entrepreneurs in the different countries to take the ideas and solutions further and make total concepts or packages.

A Nordic consensus on basic guidelines for design, building and operation is agreed upon and will be utilized in national instructions.

Prosject duration: 01.07.2002 - 30.06.2005