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System on Chip Prestudy report

  • Published 28/02/2002
  • Last updated 08/06/2011
The development of the information society has had a major effect on all industries. To stay competitive, SMEs have to invest in human talent capable of creating innovative information technology based products. As a world leader in IT development and Internet use, the Nordic countries are a dynamic test bed of creativity for pioneering new IT solutions.

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Both the pace of change in these technologies, and the complexity of the problems to be solved, are increasing. System-on-Chip technology will be a key building block in nearly all intelligent products.

The feasibility study included the following activities:

  1. Organisation of a Nordic/Baltic workshop with participants from SMEs and RTD performers in order to discuss and understand the specific System-on-Chip requirements of SMEs (including Baltic SMEs). Special attention was devoted to methods of making the design knowledge more generally available to SMEs. (Tasks included: identification of SMEs, workshop programme, invitations, invited speakers, venue costs and travel expenses for a few Baltic SMEs/training providers).

  2. Identification of RTD performers matching the requirements of the SMEs. A special effort was devoted to qualify Baltic RTD performers that may act as local knowledge providers. A general System-on-Chip training programme adapted to SME requirements and with a strong focus on distance learning methods in order to overcome the geographical distances was proposed. (Tasks included: Requirement analysis, training methodologies, courses available, distance learning capabilities, SME adaptation, gap analysis).

  3. Development of a proposal submitted to Nordic Industrial Fund on 15 May 2002. (Tasks included: Objectives, partners, RTD performers, dissemination strategies, etc.)

Project duration: 01.10.2002 - 31.03.2005 

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