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Room for Humans

  • Published 28/02/2005
  • Last updated 08/06/2011
Establish and develop a new approach for the Nordic property and construction industry – while there are still opportunities to guide this. Go in advance of the rest of Europe in working for change that entails very profound consequences for both society and the individual. It is a process of change which will take time since it will face powerful resistance.

Frontpage report

The building and building materials industry, including their organisational network, will naturally be affected, but there will be a profound impact on the banking and property sectors also if new value judgments set new prices for the existing properties and housing. Yes, all who own their own dwelling will be affected if value judgments and demand decide to follow new paths.

That is the main conclusion of a Think Tank which task was to analyse, with reference to the personal experience of the members in the construction sector, how a Nordic innovative programme can invigorate the Nordic construction sector. The members of the group have been appointed by Nordic InnovationsCenter and comprises three architects and three persons associated with national R&D. The group also contains three members with broad experience of the economy of the construction sector.