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Nordic SCCNet - Nordic network for RTD on self compacting concrete

  • Published 28/02/2006
  • Last updated 08/06/2011
The use of SCC contributes potentially to increased productivity (e.g. faster casting operation and with less workers) and improved working environment (no use of heavy, vibrating and noisy compacting tools). Some studies claim also better durability and surfaces.

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Self Compacting Concrete (SCC) is a collective term for concrete with very high flowability, and which may be placed without addition of compacting energy, e.g. by poker vibrators. The potential has been demonstrated in a number of studies in several countries. Still, the market share of SCC is generally very low.

The project is a network with the aim to exchange results and knowledge in order to establish an improved basis for use of Self Compacting Concrete (SCC). It includes identification of obstacles, and procurement and spread of knowledge about how to overcome them. The work has achieved this aim by bi-annual assemblies with the 18 participants covering the national R&D projects on SCC, as well as the actors in the building and construction market; owners, consultants, material suppliers, contractors and research institutes/universities discussing specific topics of interest.

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Project participants