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Nordic Biofibre network established

  • Published 25/02/2004
  • Last updated 20/05/2011
The Nordic Biofibre Network - has so far created much better cooperation between Nordic industrial and academy actors in several bio-fibre branches. That is especially true for branches like pulp and paper and packaging. Representatives of these branches have been very active in the network. There are indications and the potential is large, that the network in the future may contribute very much to an improvement of the international business climate for small and semi-large Nordic companies.

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Results of the project
Members have been canvassed through letters, folders, newsletters, phone calls and some companies have been visited by the secretariat. At the end of March 2004 the network had 26 members.

The first stage of the establishing of has resulted in better cooperation between Nordic industries and academies. By carrying out conferences, seminars, workshops the has increased the consciousness of biofibres and their markets in the Nordic countries. Because of the network cross contacts between companies in different branches have been achieved. Cross contacts between inter-disciplinary academy subject areas have also been achieved. 

Some examples:

  • One of the world leading packaging company the Danish company Hartmanns has become involved in new biofibre projects performed by the Swedish company STFI-Packforsk. The Danish company has also established cooperation with the Swedish company Tetra Pak.
  • The Danish organisation Syd-Tek has established good contacts with the Centre for Plant Fibre and Biomass Technology at the Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University of Denmark.
  • The Biofibre Technology Research Group at the Department of Agricultural Biosystems and Technology, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in Alnarp has created a good research cooperation
    with the Division of Structural Mechanics at the Lund Institute of Technology.
Project duration: 10.2001 - 04.2004
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Project participants

  • Bengt Svennerstedt

    Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), Agricultural Biosystems and Technology Department