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Entrepreneurship education in the Nordic countries – strategy implementation and good practices

  • Published 29/01/2013
The report aims at presenting the current status of implementing entrepreneurship education strategy in Nordic countries, as well as bringing up a range of good projects and practices for discussion of Nordic collaboration.

Entrepreneurship education plays an important role in shaping our mindset, promoting entrepreneurial culture, enhancing our entrepreneurial attitudes, skills and competence, and providing life-long learning.  The effectiveness of entrepreneurship education varies with the underlying strategy.


In 2010, European Commission indicated in its report that Nordic countries were at a relatively advanced stage of evolution with many strategies in place. But, how is the situation of implementing entrepreneurship education strategy in Nordic countries now? What kind of common features they have? What sort of common barriers they come across? Based on these commonalities, what can Nordic countries collaborate together? What should they do next then?


This study is one of the focused areas under the Nordic Entrepreneurship Project, which is one of the ‘Lighthouse Projects’ established by ‘the Co-operation Programme for Business and Innovation Policy 2011-2013’. The study aims to facilitate discussion for further collaboration in Nordic countries and bring up good practices for inspiration.