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Nordic Health Technology Forum - Seminar

  • Published 23/02/2004
  • Last updated 20/05/2011
The main task of this pre-project was to prepare and carry out Nordic Health Technology Seminar in cooperation with Nordic Industrial Fund to get an overview on State of Art in the field, indentify and analyse the needs of SMEs, define goals, projects and ideas for cooperation and deside on creation of Nordic Health Technology Forum.

Frontpage report

This forum is meant to meet the needs of SMEs in the field, to screen the current situation of support in the Nordic countries, open for flow of information and strengthen the field by creating new and exploiting existing Nordic networks of relevance.


In order to analyse the needs for such a forum and to gather the most important input to its definition, this pre-project to organise a seminar was started. The seminar was intended to get an overview of the State of the Art in the field, analyse the needs of SMEs in the field, and define the main objectives and create a work plan for the forum to address these company needs.